ADN TV to be launched as Free-to-Air TV channel in Chile


Spanish media holding Grupo Prisa, through its subsidiary Iberoamericana Radio, will launch on June 10th the Free-to-Air channel AND TV in Chile in partnership with media company Albavision through its Telecanal and La Red signals, reported website


Iberoamericana Radio, which owns the FM station ADN, has a joint-venture with Albavision through their company Multimedios GLP, hitherto devoted solely to advertising sales in the media they handle.


The signal will be divided into two to be shared between Telecanal, which will operate from midnight to noon, and ADN TV, which will occupy the remaining 12 hours of programming. It will occupy the channel 2 in the Free-to-Air TV grid and 6 on the Pay-TV operators in Chile except DirecTV (AT&T), Entel and TuVes.


Channel La Red will provide physical resources and studios, besides sharing the rights to display the local professional soccer goals. The channel will debut its signal with the transmission of the Euro Cup 2016.