Uruguay justice authorizes Nuevo Siglo to offer triple play

A new ruling by the Supreme Court of Uruguay authorized the cable operator Nuevo Siglo to apply for a license to offer triple play services. A few days ago, the Justice had deemed unconstitutional Article 56 of the “Ley de Medios” (communications legislation) after an impeachment filed by pay TV operator Montecable.


According to local newspaper El País, in this new ruling, dated August 22, the novelty is that there were declared unconstitutional, unanimously (after the change of position of two ministers), Articles 39, 60, and Article 98. In addition, it was declared (by majority) unconstitutional Articles 56 and 60.


Thus, the path is clear for both Montecable and Nuevo Siglo to offer triple play packs in the country. So far, only the state-owned company Antel can provide bundled services with TV, telephony and Internet.


El País reported that the Court is considering other media claims against the Article 56, paragraph 1, which prohibits these companies from providing telephony or data transmission.